Home Education Session (Bushcraft)

£10.00 90 minutes

Flexible, inclusive sessions designed for home ed kids and adults to enjoy together. Discover the world through the lenses of bushcraft and archery with friendly, knowledgeable coaches.



We’ve learned from talking to lots of home ed parents that you want sessions which are flexible, inclusive and cost-effective. These are all things that are already part of our ethos for our home ed archery sessions and we are pleased to expand into bushcraft sessions too!

From April to September, home ed sessions will be taking place outdoors in our beautiful five-acre woodland. On Wednesdays, you can now choose to focus on bushcraft (the discovery of survival and outdoor skills) for your session instead of archery, if you wish. Mondays are still available as archery-only sessions.

These sessions will be run as small groups, with adults still able to learn alongside the kids, as with the archery. You’ll learn skills like firelighting, knife and axe use, shelter building, water collection and purification, animal tracking, plant identification and much more under our coaches’ guidance. All your senses will be used, as well as problem-solving skills, to learn how to survive as part of your natural surroundings. We tread lightly in our woodland, which is full of wildlife, birds and wild plants and is managed for biodiversity.

Sessions are held on Wednesdays of each week, but can be booked separately. You don’t have to attend every week, or even particularly often, if you don’t want to: we will work the class around you. Just book at least the day before so we know you are coming!

Each month, a new aspect will be added for those that have been before, but any children attending in the future will be given the same great opportunities! More experienced children are welcome to join the discussion to help consolidate their learning. 

The aspects we will cover over the months will be announced via our Facebook page and, if you’d like to sign up for updates, by email too. This means you can follow your child’s interests and select the sessions you wish to attend.

By booking a session, you accept the Terms & Conditions of Booking.


Looking for our Archery home ed sessions?

Whether you choose bushcraft or archery, it’s the same price. If you’d like to focus on bushcraft this session, book on this page. If you’d like to focus on archery, please book via the Home Ed Session (Archery) page. You can mix up your sessions and choose different activities each week – why not book some of each?


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