Home Education Session

From: £10.00 90 minutes



Meet Katie, our qualified teacher and home ed mum-of-three. Along with other members of staff, Katie will introduce you and your children to the beauty of archery and everything that goes with it.

Starting with archery basics, our twice-monthly sessions will gradually build on the knowledge and skills gained each time you attend. After a minimum of 10 hours attendance, each new archer will be given the opportunity to shoot a few flaming arrows to celebrate their achievement.

We’ve learned from talking to lots of home ed parents that you want sessions which are flexible, inclusive and cost-effective. Luckily, these are all things that are already part of our ethos for our archery classes and experiences, so although home ed sessions are a new offer from us, our coaches are on familiar ground!

Sessions are held on the first and second Monday and third and fourth Wednesday of each month, but can be booked separately. You don’t have to attend every week, or even particularly often, if you don’t want to: we will work the class around you. Just book at least the day before so we know you are coming!

Each month, a new aspect will be added for those that have been before, but any children attending in the future will be given the same great opportunities! More experienced children are welcome to join the discussion to help consolidate their learning. 

The aspects we will cover over the months will be announced via our Facebook page and, if you’d like to sign up for updates, by email too. This means you can follow your child’s interests and select the sessions you wish to attend.  Archery will be at the core of our lessons as it is a great inroad for learning so many things including history, maths, science, materials, concentration, tool use….the list is endless!

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