Fletching Course


Make your own arrows

​This ten-week course will teach you all you need to make your own set of six traditional arrows, suitable for use in target or clout archery.

All materials are provided.



Enjoy discovering new skills with lessons in making the perfect traditional arrows to use with your longbow or other traditional bow.

The course includes all the practice materials and the parts and tools required to make your own set of six arrows to keep at the end of the course.

Our master fletcher will guide you through the process, including:

  • selecting the correct arrow shafts with a spine weight to match your bow strength at your drawlength
  • how to make decisions about which type and weight of arrowhead to use
  • how the size and shape of fletchings will alter the performance of your arrow
  • how to prepare a shaft for medieval horn sliver reinforcements
  • how to bind your fletchings for that totally authentic medieval look
  • how to care for your arrows long-term, including how to straighten a wonky arrow and when to discard one

The course takes ten hours: how you arrange those hours is flexible. You might like to take one-hour lessons for ten weeks, or something more intensive. We’ll contact you once you book to discuss timings, or if you wish, you can contact us in advance to check which slots are available.

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