Basic archery set for children


A complete starter set for the young archery fan. Includes bow, arrows, target and arm guard, all in a handy transport tube. Not a toy.

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This is a ‘real’ archery set – the arrows are not sucker arrows.

Easy to pull but with plenty of power, this beginner archery set is ideal for younger archers to use on the range.

The ambidextrous bow works for right- and left-handed shooters and is easy to grip.



  • Never leave a child unsupervised with archery equipment
  • Store bows and arrows out of reach of children
  • Never point an arrow at a person or animal
  • Ensure the shooting range is clear of animals and people
  • Do not shoot at anything which could cause the arrow to bounce back or deflect
  • Ensure there is sufficient overshoot space behind the target for arrows which miss or deflect. Archery GB guidelines are useful in determining this.
  • Inspect equipment before shooting to ensure arrows are not damaged, the string is secure and the bow is set up correctly.
  • Failure to shoot safely can result in fatal injuries.

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