Plan your visit

Booked a session? Brilliant! Now you’ll be wanting to know how to get here.

Find us

White Dragon Activity Centre, Bures, Colchester, CO8 5DJ.

Sat nav: The postcode will lead you to some houses nearby. If you’re using Google Maps, just put ‘White Dragon Activity Centre’ in and the magic of Google will lead you straight to us. If not, continue along Colne Road until you see our signs (important: if you haven’t visited before, read the notes below!)

Train: We’re a five-minute walk up a country road from Bures railway station. Turn left out of the station, left again (be very careful of the road) and take the first left immediately after the bridge. Keep walking, out of the village and along the country road, until you see our signs near a farm.

Getting the right car park

Coming for an indoor session?

If you’re coming for Airsoft, an indoor party or indoor archery, or for a longbow course/home ed lesson during winter, follow the signs for our indoor activity car park (what3words address: with.friday.passively).

You’re looking for a brick wall with a sign on it saying ‘White Dragon’ and a green metal gate. There’s lots of parking in the yard through the gate and you’ll see our building with a big White Dragon sign on it. If you come up from Bures direction, please don’t follow the signs that lead to the outdoor activity car park, as it’s quite a long walk from our indoor venue!

If you get lost, call us on 07724 912334.

Coming for an outdoor session?

If you’re coming for outdoor archery, axe throwing, an outdoor party, bushcraft, or for a longbow course/home ed session during summer, follow the signs for our outdoor activity car park (what3words address: dusters.refrain.crimson)

You’re looking for a turnoff from Colne Road with an A-board on it saying ‘White Dragon outdoor activity parking’. Take the turning and head down the country lane. Be careful if you’re driving – the surface can be a bit bumpy!

Follow our black and white signs until they direct you to turn left. You’ll see the car parking area, surrounded by fields and woods. Please stop here and if you’re early, enjoy the scenery while you wait for your coach to arrive. We’ll walk to the activity zone with you.

Please don’t drive down the footpath, past the sign that says ‘No vehicles past this point’. It’s not for cars and you might get stuck!

If you get lost, just give us a call on 07724 912334.

What should I wear?

For all our activities, you’ll want to dress practically, as you’ll be active. Flat shoes, long trousers and – if it’s cold – suitable layers and outerwear. Don’t wear heels, sandals, or anything that might catch on bowstrings and if you’ve got long hair, it’s best to tie it back.

If you’re coming for archery, wear a belt or trousers that you can clip a quiver (arrowholder) to without any… ahem… wardrobe malfunctions.

Our indoor activities are in a big building that gets chilly, so if it’s nippy out, you’ll still want to bring a coat. There’s also a heated ‘snug’ area which you can retreat to with a cup of tea whenever you like, including on arrival to warm up!

Our outdoor activities are in well-kept, but natural, surroundings. You’ll want waterproof shoes if it’s been raining recently. There’s a nice big shelter available, but if there’s even a hint of rain in the forecast, bring a waterproof coat… this is Britain after all!

Group of people lighting a fire under a parachute shelter in the woods with the help of a bushcraft survival coach

We want to make a day of it – what else is in the area?

There are some lovely pubs and lunch spots close to the centre. Check out the deli in Bures village for snacks and sandwiches; the Eight Bells, also in the village; and the Crown at Wormingford, among others.

While you’re in Bures, you might like to take a walk to see the Bures Dragon itself, the chalk hillside artwork which gave us our name. There’s a fascinating story about it which you can read on the Bures Online website – it is on private land, so if you visit it, please be considerate and follow the directions on Bures Online to access the viewing point. The village itself is very pretty, with a pleasant riverside green and some nice walks around the church area.

By road, we’re close to the Suffolk town of Sudbury, which has plenty of places to shop and eat as well as a museum dedicated to the artist Gainsborough.

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