White Dragon isn’t your standard action-centred activity centre. We have a keen interest in and deep knowledge of history, specialising in two subjects:

  • the history of archery, from ancient times through to the present day
  • medieval history and the day-to-day life of medieval people

We also teach:

  • bushcraft and survival skills, focusing on survival in a UK wilderness environment
  • fletching (arrow making)

Our head coach is an expert in these fields and has given talks to schools, community groups, Scouts and Guides and museum visitors of all ages all over the UK. We’re also happy to let you get hands-on with authentic medieval props (see left)!

If your group or school would like to discover the life of a medieval archer or our other topics, book a talk with White Dragon. We can come to your venue, or you can come to us.

School archery lessons

We have ten years’ experience of working in schools and can bring our safe, easy-to-learn archery setup to your venue.

Several schools have already booked us this year due to residential trips being cancelled for 2021. Our coaches teach in a supportive, encouraging way that ensures your class will pick up new skills and be safe at all times – but also have plenty of fun and leave grinning ear to ear!

You can choose to keep it simple and just book either our mobile archery range or a talk – or you can combine the two, with an archery lesson and a talk about the history of archery. Contact us to discuss how we can help you to deliver the curriculum to your schoolchildren.

Our head coach Mark loves a chance to show off!

Talks and demonstrations

Our talks and demonstrations are bookable alongside our have-a-go stall or separately – the choice is yours!

Choose from:

  • demonstrations of archery skill and power, including fire arrows and Roman archery
  • an authentically-dressed medieval fletcher showing the skills of arrow-making
  • bushcraft and survival skills, including firelighting, foraging and more. Our Army-trained speaker covers the basic aspects of wilderness survival in a UK setting.
  • an interactive talk on archers and the English longbow, covering all aspects of medieval archery. Discover the archers of the mighty yew longbow, different arrows and their uses, how archery boomed in Victorian times, and fletching the traditional way.

We can bring along our team of medieval and Tudor re-enactors to bring life to history!

Home education groups

We welcome enquiries from home educators who would like to visit us and learn about archery, history and all manner of things.

Mark, our head coach, also has a degree in Marine and Freshwater Biology and will be happy to lead wildlife and stream-dipping sessions in our woodland too! Contact us for more information and a friendly chat.

Our medieval and Tudor props help children to learn and get hands-on with history.
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