Corporate Team Days

Is your team scattered in home offices, needing to reconnect post-pandemic? Or perhaps your hard workers have been on the front line throughout the lockdowns and now you want to reward their hard work?

A team day out at White Dragon Activity Centre brings the perfect mix of fun and focus to leave your colleagues feeling valued and re-energised.

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Team building days

Whether you come for a half-day or a full away-day, your staff will be glowing with a sense of purpose after getting stuck into fun challenges with our lively coaches.

We currently offer outdoor team experiences in our own woodland, as well as our indoor facilities. With experts in archery, axe throwing, bushcraft and survival on hand, we can work with you to come up with a bespoke set of activities that suit your needs. Our coaches know how to bring a group together and will throw in fun games and challenges to get your team’s minds working.

During Covid-19, our team-building days are fully compliant with social distancing and hygiene rules, so your staff can be at ease knowing their safety is cared for.

We’re happy to accommodate special requirements, from programming in time for meetings to including activities to build particular skills or relationships. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Do you have meeting spaces?

We do have a large indoor space and we do have electricity, tea and coffee facilities, tables and chairs, and Wi-Fi; however, it isn’t fast broadband and we don’t have heating. If you need something closer to a traditional office for part of your planned team away-day, there are cost-effective meeting facilities to hire just a two-minute drive away from our centre.

On our outdoor range, there is also a large shelter with power, tea and coffee facilities where your team can gather and enjoy refreshments.

Some ideas to get you started…

Archery Challenge for teams

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A three hour archery session starts with a full training session in the comfort of our indoor range, where hot and cold drinks are available.

Training is informal and involves plenty of fun to get the group bonding, both over missed shots and lucky bullseyes! Once everyone is comfortable with their bows, a short drive or walk brings the group to our outdoor ranges, where the real challenges begin.

Splitting the main group into small teams, we present you with ever-increasing challenges. We encourage everyone to take it in turns to shoot, coach each other based on the tuition given, and boost each other’s morale, turning every wild shot into a positive experience.

The session finishes back at our indoor range with an inter-team competition and the opportunity for more refreshments. A buffet lunch can be arranged for your group if required, so archery stories and working inspiration can be shared amidst a mighty feast!

Bushcraft Experience for teams

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Our survival experience provides a full three hours of woodland-based skill building and problem solving. Under the tuition of our Army-trained survival coach, your group will be instructed in how to light a fire, build a shelter and cook a simple meal using basic tools and materials.

After the training, the group will be broken down into small teams and sent into the woods to make their own shelters, fires and a cup of something hot using their newly-acquired skills. Teams will be encouraged to take it in turns to lead each phase of their camp-building, under the guidance of our staff.

To finish the session, teams will have a special challenge to complete. The winning team will be presented with special keepsakes for each person to keep.

Combined archery, axe-throwing and bushcraft day

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If you fancy giving your team the benefits of an entire day of team-building challenges, you can combine a morning of archery with an afternoon of axe throwing and bushcraft.

Lunch can be provided or your team can bring their own supplies as preferred.

Over to you

You can choose one of the options above, or create your own bespoke day with a mix of activities and timings to suit you. Contact us to discuss your requirements and start building the team away-day of your dreams.

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