Airgun Experience FAQs

Never been on an airgun experience before? Don’t worry – we’re here to keep you safe and make sure you have fun. To help you prepare for your experience, check out our FAQs below.

Are your airgun experiences safe?

We’re an established activity centre which has been running archery, axe throwing, bushcraft and airgun experiences for 8 years. Our coaches are fully-trained and will provide you with a full safety briefing before anyone picks up a gun.

We also provide safety glasses which you will be required to wear during the session for eye protection.

As with any activity, it’s vital that you stick to the rules of the shooting range and follow your coach’s instructions to make sure you have plenty of fun while staying safe at all times.

What kind of guns do you provide?

We will start with air pistols before moving on to other types of airgun, including an airsoft P90 ‘submachine gun’, as you become more proficient.

We also have various rifles and ‘grenade launchers’ which may come out! Your coach will tailor your session to the age range and confidence level of your group.

There are also Nerf(TM) guns in our armoury.

Can I bring my own gun?

We do not currently allow visitors to shoot their own guns at our range, sorry.

Are the bullets real?

No, you won’t be using real bullets. All the guns used at White Dragon take BB or pellet ammunition.

When shooting at steel targets, we will switch you to ‘Dust Devil’ ammunition which disintegrates on impact. This is to minimise the risk of rebound, as BBs can ricochet off hard surfaces like steel.

What should I wear for a session?

The most important thing is sensible shoes. For safety and comfort, you want to be stable when shooting, so no high heels, open-toed shoes, flip-flops or slip-ons. A pair of trainers or boots is perfect.

Although our airgun range is indoors, it is in a large ex-barn which can get chilly in winter. If you’re not coming in the summer months, we recommend wearing a warm coat, good socks and layering up. There is a cosy heated snug to sit in if anyone needs to warm up!

What facilities do you provide?

This experience takes place in our indoor range. Tea and coffee are available (with both oat and dairy milk) and there’s a cosy, heated snug to sit in if you’re spectating or taking a break from shooting.

Toilets are available a short walk from the indoor range (2 minutes). There’s plenty of parking onsite.

Is this experience suitable for people with disabilities?

Our indoor range is accessible and allows shooting from a standing or seated position. There is also an accessible toilet a short distance (2 minutes) from the range.

Coaches are experienced in teaching the activities we offer and will be able to help you to achieve your potential with an airgun. To shoot, you need to be able to hold a gun steady in your hand, see an A4-sized target 7-10 metres away and listen to instructions for safety purposes.

If you’d like to bring a carer or friend who will help you but not take part by themselves, you don’t need to book for them – just drop us a line so we know how many people to expect.

Does shooting a gun hurt? What about recoil?

Recoil is caused by the force of a gun firing and means that the gun can move backwards slightly as you squeeze the trigger.

This is a family-friendly experience and there isn’t much recoil on most of our airguns. When shooting the more powerful guns, you may experience some recoil, but don’t worry. Your coach will let you know which guns may do this and will show you how to stand and shoot so that recoil is minimised.

Is this experience suitable for children?

Children aged 10 and up can do this airgun experience under supervision. We provide guns which are suitable for kids at this age to use and our coaches are experienced in teaching target sports to young people.

As with our archery, bushcraft and axe throwing experiences, everyone participating needs to be able to follow instruction and stick to the rules for shooting safely.

We do not allow unaccompanied children to do an experience. If you’d like your children to take part, you don’t have to shoot alongside them (although it is fun!) but you will need to remain at the range and supervise them alongside the coach.

Do the guns make a loud noise?

Yes, an airgun firing can be quite loud, but not as loud as a ‘real’ gun.

If you are sensitive to noise, you may wish to wear ear defenders while you are shooting. You will need to take them off when your coach is giving you instruction.

How much ammo do I get to shoot?

Some experiences charge ‘per pellet’: once you’ve run out of ammunition, your session ends. We don’t do that. If you book a two-hour session with us, you get two hours, regardless of how quickly or slowly you use your ammo.

Do I need a shooting license?

While shooting with us, you won’t be using guns which fall into a category that requires a license. Only airguns more powerful than 12 ft lb need a license, so you don’t need a license to shoot at our range using our airguns.

However, if you are prohibited under Section 21 of the Firearms Act from using or possessing firearms or ammunition, you will not legally be able to take part in this shooting experience.

Is this a competition? Are there prizes?

This experience is aimed at airgun beginners, so there’s no pressure to perform. It’s all about learning and having fun. However, as you become more confident during the session, you might like to instigate a friendly competition with other members of your group – that’s up to you!

We do have a ‘Wall of Fame’ that your name can appear on if you do spectacularly well on our speed shoot and score in the top 10! However, this is just a bit of fun, so if you aren’t a competitive person you can opt out. More than anything else, we want you to enjoy the session and build confidence.

Do you have to be strong to shoot an airgun?

Absolutely not. Beginners are very welcome on this experience. You don’t need to be big, strong, ex-military, ‘good at sport’ or anything else to take part – we even have guns that children aged 10+ can use. All you need to be is sensible and able to listen to instructions.

What if you wear glasses or contact lenses?

Not a problem. Just wear them to the session. Safety glasses will be issued to you at the start of the session for eye protection, so if you wear glasses you may wish to pop these on over the top.

If you really enjoy yourself and decide to take airgun shooting up as a hobby, you can buy prescription shooting glasses from opticians.

Do you allow spectators?

Of course! Spectators will need to keep back from the shooting line, but luckily we have a cosy snug just behind the activity area where you can sit and enjoy a hot beverage while you watch.

Is this an Airsoft experience?

Airsoft is a team game where players shoot at one another with plastic projectiles. The term is often confused with ‘airgun’, which is a type of gun which fires pellets propelled by the release of compressed gas.

Although we use some airsoft guns to provide visitors with variety, alongside regular airguns, this isn’t an Airsoft experience. It’s strictly target shooting and you won’t be shooting at each other at any point.

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